Boxology® is a company who provides personal trainers, boxing coaches, martial art trainers and sports coaches courses to improve their boxing coaching technique and knowledge. The courses are split in to three separate modules: beginner, intermediate and advanced. 

The courses are an exhaustive guide to boxing from the history of the sport, anatomy/physiology of a boxer, injury prevention to the correct way to coach boxing, teach footwork, defence and hold pads like a pro. All courses are endorsed by British Boxing Board of Control, Active IQ and CIMSPA.


Each course is 2 practical days and each student will receive an online book and access code to Boxology® app with technical videos matching each course. The books are extensive and cover anatomy and physiology as well as boxing techniques to match the course but can be bought as a stand alone book if someone cannot attend the course. We will also be running Boxing workshops on nutrition for boxers, strength and conditioning for boxers, psychology for boxers after people qualify. 


Boxology® is run by two Professional boxing coaches with immense experience in the boxing industry.



World Class Boxer

With more than a decade’s experience as a professional athlete in one of the world’s toughest sports, Cathy now uses her expertise to develop her clients’ mental and physical strength, and to provide much sought-after comment to international press and media outlets.

Cathy was in the vanguard of women’s boxing and works with passion and determination to educate people about the beautiful art of boxing. She spent 10 years at the top of her professional field winning English and European Titles and being ranked number three in the World, which are reflected in her drive to help others succeed. Prior to getting her Professional boxing licence, she fought in over 25 kick boxing competitions, winning two British titles.

Cathy has been described as ‘The Soul Trainer’ as she is concerned just as much with the mental wellbeing as with physical, using a unique blend of physical training and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Cathy has written columns for Men’s Health, Women’s Health Magazine, Runners World and has featured in The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Elle, Evening Standard, The Daily Mail, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Harpers Bazaar, Company, Financial Times, Women’s Fitness, Cosmopolitan and Zest publications.

Cathy brings over 24 years of fighting experience and knowledge from competing and coaching in boxing into the Boxology® Team. See



World class boxing coach

Having been raised in a high level competitive martial arts family, Greg studied and competed in full contact arts from a young age and travelled around the world developing his knowledge and coaching skills within the arts of Judo, Aikido, Boxing and Muay Thai.

Greg sees himself as more of a sports performance coach than a personal trainer, and has been coaching various sports to all age groups for the last 20 years.  For the last 10 years he has mainly devoted his time to coaching Professional boxers which has involved working with some of the best in the UK such as David Haye, Tony Oakey and Matthew Marsh and he has worked with some of the best coaches in the UK such as Adam Booth, Jimmy Tibbs, Johnny Eames and Peter Swinney at the TKO gym.

Greg has developed master boxing programs for staff at Holmes Place and Virgin gyms, so has immense knowledge of designing and presenting boxing educational courses.  He has a huge passion for coaching fighters but he finds it also rewarding watching complete novices gain skill, develop strength, and increase confidence in themselves through the sport of boxing.

Greg brings 20 years of experience and knowledge of fighting into the Boxology® Team.