Boxology® Academy is designed to give extensive knowledge to any personal trainer, boxing, martial arts coach or sports coach who wants to fine tune their boxing coaching skills, so that they can then teach their client/fighter optimum boxing technique and safely.

The courses also cover anatomy and physiology, mental training, injury prevention, joint health, strength and conditioning exercises to help keep client/boxer and coach strong.


The courses are designed by Professional Boxing Coaches:

Cathy Brown


Cathy was in the vanguard of women’s boxing and works with passion and determination to educate people about the beautiful art of boxing. She spent 10 years at the top of her professional field winning English and European Titles and being ranked number three in the World, which are reflected in her drive to help others succeed. Prior to getting her Professional boxing licence, she fought in over 25 kick boxing competitions, winning two British titles.


Greg Williams


Greg was raised in a high level competitive martial arts family, Greg studied and competed in full contact arts from a young age and travelled around the world developing his knowledge and coaching skills within the arts of Judo, Aikido, Boxing and Muay Thai.  For the last 10 years he has mainly devoted his time to coaching Professional boxers which has involved working with some of the best in the UK such as David Haye, Tony Oakey and Matthew Marsh.


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Boxology® Academy courses come in progressive modules: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. (The advanced course will be added at a future date.)

We will be running separate workshops in the future focused on nutrition, strength/conditioning and mental strength for boxing.

All courses and workshops are recognised by Active IQ (https://www.activeiq.co.uk), Chartered Institute for the Management for Sport and Physical Activity (https://www.cimspa.co.uk) and the British Boxing Board of Control (http://www.bbbofc.com), the UK’s only Professional boxing governing body.

You will receive CPD points for your Professional membership when passing each course from Active IQ, Cimspa and REPS (Reps you will receive a maximum of 4 CPD points for each course). Upon registering you will receive a comprehensive online Boxology® book and technical videos to complement each course and to give you excellent reference resources for future use.

Boxology® prides itself on quality and that is why we have received such a good reputation within the industry.


You will need to attend the beginner course before advancing onto the intermediate/advanced course.

The book and videos can be bought separately if you cannot attend the courses but you won’t receive CPD points from this.



Boxology® Academy courses come in progressive modules, the courses are suitable for everyone from amateur boxers to professional boxers, martial artists to fitness boxers, sports coaches to personal trainers wanting to integrate boxing into their teaching practice.: 

  • Beginner
    • This is an excellent course for anyone who wants to teach correct basic boxing skills including footwork and combinations.
  • Intermediate
    • A more comprehensive and advanced guide to boxing; you will gain a deeper understanding of more advanced boxing techniques and how to teach a group.
  • Advanced
    • An advanced course for teaching sparring and getting ready for the big fight.

iPhone and iPad App


We're very excited that the Boxology Beginner app is launched!
120 technical boxing videos and information on how to box; learning basic punching, defence, movement and combination techniques plus basic conditioning to keep your joints strong.
Learn how to teach boxing like a Pro. Soon Intermediate course will arrive there too! Click the banner to download now!


Beginner practical course at Third Space London and book coming soon.