Boxology® is a company who provides personal trainers, boxing coaches, martial art trainers and sports coaches courses to improve their boxing coaching technique and knowledge. The courses are split in to three separate modules: beginner, intermediate and advanced. 

The courses are an exhaustive guide to boxing from the history of the sport, anatomy/physiology of a boxer, injury prevention to the correct way to coach boxing, teach footwork, defence and hold pads like a pro. All courses are endorsed by British Boxing Board of Control, Active IQ and CIMSPA.


Each course is 2 practical days and each student will receive an online book and access code to Boxology® app with technical videos matching each course. The books are extensive and cover anatomy and physiology as well as boxing techniques to match the course but can be bought as a stand alone book if someone cannot attend the course. We will also be running Boxing workshops on nutrition for boxers, strength and conditioning for boxers, psychology for boxers after people qualify. 


Boxology® is run by two Professional boxing coaches with immense experience in the boxing industry.